Tiger 3 ||Worst Flop Movie Ever|| Pakistani Media Trolls on the Movie Makers

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Tiger 3 poster released

Tiger 3: Action, Adventure, Crime Film

Producer and Director: Aditya Chopra

Writer: Shridhar Raghavan

Budget: INR 3 Billion Minimum

Release Date: 10 November 2023



Tiger 3 is an upcoming sequel to “Tiger Zinda Hai” that will be produced by Yash Raj Films with an estimated minimum budget of INR 300 Crores.

Here’s everything we know about the film’s budget, cast, release date, estimated box office collection, lead villain, and other details.


Tiger 3 Teaser Revealved, First Look Of Salman and Katrina

Tiger 3 teaser look

A recent teaser of Tiger 3 movie released by Yash Raj films in which Katrina Kaif is showing her practice skills which means the shooting of Tiger 3 is almost completed and at the end of the teaser Salman Khan himself says “Tiger is always ready we are coming”



Tiger 3 will Collect Almost 60 Crores in its First Day

Tiger 3 huge box office collections

Salman Khan has the potential to collect around Rs 60 crore on its opening day from Hindi cinema alone, as the film has all the things that audiences want to see in its spy universe, so we are again an agent, kind of going to see a movie. James Bond 007, secondly it is a sequel to Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai, both of these films did well at the box office as both films did not use much VFX, but Tiger 3 The case is different. Bollywood industry will see a change to have VFX like Hollywood.

Third reason as we all know that we will see Pathan in Tiger 3 and Shah Rukh Khan had a role of around 20 minutes in the film where he will save Salman Khan from jail, which will also explode the theatres.


Shahrukh Khan Confirmed Cameo in Tiger 3

Sharukh khan confirmed his cameo in Tiger 3


It has been reported earlier that YRF plans to have a crossover of its famous spies in the upcoming slate of films. Salman Khan will play the role of Tiger in Pathan sequel starring Shah Rukh Khan. According to reports, the actor has already shot his cameo. Meanwhile, SRK is currently shooting for his cameo for Tiger 3. If all goes according to plan, both Pathan and Tiger could be seen in the upcoming spy film, which is rumored to be a sequel to Vaar, starring Hrithik Roshan.


Who Will be the Lead Villain In Tiger 3

Who will be the lead villain in Tiger 3

If we compare the budgets of Pathan and Jang, they are about Rs 200 crores. Assuming both Salman and Shahrukh will be seen in a film like Tiger 3, what is the estimated budget?

YRF initially set a budget of INR 300 crore for Tiger 3, but this does not include Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s fees, which will be deducted from the film’s profits.

If we talk about villains, Aquaman is on the list and if Aamir Khan makes a cameo as a villain, the movie will be on fire, so keep their fees aside.


More Than Enough VFX Used in Tiger 3

Movie is now in its post production stage and VFX work is on ongoing in the production. The VFX used in the movie is almost much more than the earlier four movies released by YRF because every shot in the movie is deeply made via High quality VFX, so it will be worth watching if you love Pro VFX movies.


Tiger 3 Makers Spends Almost 300 Crores into Production

If we compare the previous budgets of the 3 YRF’s movies like “Ek tha Tiger”, “War” and “Pathan” then the budget of “Tiger 3” with huge VFX will be amazed.

The earlier movies like “Ek Tha Tiger” had a budget of almost INR 170 Crores, then “War” movie which had a budget of INR 120 Crores then “Pathan” had a huge budget of INR 250 Crores, and the estimated revealed budget for the movie “Tiger 3” is almost INR 300 Crores. It is the minimum estimated budget but the approx. budget will be reveal soon.



All the Top Cast From Tiger 3 Includes

Tiger 3 cast




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