The Nun 2: Truth Behind the Extreme Horror

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the nun 2 poster
the nun 2 poster

The Nun 2: Super Natural Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Release Date: 8 September, 2023

Run Time: 2 Hours

Rated: “R” (Violence, Blood)

Budget: $60 Million Approx.

Director: Michael Chaves


sequel to the popular 2018 movie The Nun. A priest is killed in France in 1956, and it appears that evil is spreading. Once more, Sister Irene must contend with a diabolical power.


The Nun 2 Cast

All the top cast from the movie includes:


The Nun 2 cast, bonnie aarons, jonas bloquet
The Nun 2 cast, bonnie aarons, jonas bloquet


the nun 2 cast, storm reid, katelyn rose downey
the nun 2 cast, storm reid, katelyn rose downey


the nun 2 cast, taissa farmiga. anna popplewell
the nun 2 cast, taissa farmiga. anna popplewell



What Should You I Know Before Watching The Nun 2 Movie

The Nun 2 is a sequel of The Nun part one. It includes extreme horror, Thrill, Violence and horrible killing scenes with lot of blood will be shown. 

The nun 2 banner
What Should You I Know Before Watching The Nun 2 Movie

Keep your kids away from the movie, as well as the families who are not aware of horror and violence. However it will be a good choice for those who like horror movie and already watched the first part “The Nun”.

The Nun 2 will only be distributed in theatres, which is unfortunate for people who prefer to enjoy horror flicks in the safety of their own homes (perhaps with a light on). However, it’s probable that the movie will soon be stream able.


About Bonnie Aarons “The Nun”

bonnie aarons

Name: Bonnie Aarons

Nationality: American

Profession: Actress and Writer

Born: 3 June, !979

weight: 68 kg


Bonnie Aarons is an American actress and writer known for her portrayal of the character Valak, also known as the demonic nun, in “The Conjuring 2” (2016) and its spin-off film, “The Nun” (2018). She was born on June 3, 1979, in Los Angeles, California.

Early in the new millennium, Aarons started her acting career, playing tiny parts in films including “Mulholland Dr.” (2001) and “Dahmer” (2002). She received a lot of attention for her performance as Valak, the evil demon creature in “The Conjuring 2,” though.

The character she played was so well remembered that a spin-off movie called “The Nun,” starring Valak, was made as a result. In this movie, which looked at the demon’s beginnings, Aarons played the menacing nun once more. Aarons was able to give the figure a disturbing vibe while wearing a lot of makeup and prosthetics.

Aarons was a skilled dancer before she became an actress, which probably helped her develop the physique and aptitude to portray Valak’s spooky character. She has also worked as a writer and produced a few short films.

Bonnie Aarons has established herself as a major character in the horror industry thanks to her depiction of the demonic nun in the “The Conjuring” world. She has become recognisable as Valak due to her remarkable look, which includes her pale face, pointed teeth, and menacing demeanour.


The Nun 2 FAQ’s

What caused Netflix to delete The Nun?

Several films, including The Nun, cannot be streamed in India due to licensing restrictions. If viewers want to see the movie online, they must rent it from Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Amazon Video. If not, they can search Netflix for relevant titles.

What will Nun 2 be about?

It appears that the Nun is responsible for a spate of killings. Now that Sister Irene is completely ordained, Taissa Farmiga will make another appearance to remove her.

Is the tale of the nun true?

The Nun is not an actual event. But even if the events in the Warren instances may or may not be factual, it’s probable that The Nun was influenced by a number of them.

Do nuns get married?

As a result of their celibacy vow, Catholic nuns and sisters are forbidden from getting married, engaging in personal relationships, or performing any type of sexual activity.

Have nuns ever given birth?

In the small Italian city of Reiti, a Salvadorean nun gave birth to a son and called him Francis, ostensibly as an homage to the pope.

What should I call a male nun?

Nuns have the masculine gender of monk.

The Nun 2 Filming Location?




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