Krrish 4 ||Avengers Movie Makers Now Step Into the Making of Krrish 4||

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Krrish 4: Action, Thriller Science Fiction

Release Date: End of 2025

Run Time: 3 Hours Approx.

Director: Rakesh Roshan and Sidhart Anand

Budget: INR 250 Crore Estimated




Our favorite desi superhero is back and ready for action. Yes, Rakesh Roshan, the original mastermind of the Krrish franchise, has officially announced that Krrish 4 will hit the theaters very soon.

The film’s title is “Krrish 4”, and Hrithik Rohan plays the lead role. So, if everything goes as planned, production on Krrish 4 will begin at the end of 2024.



Hrithik Roshan Recently Stated that Work on Krrish 4 has Begun

Hrithik Roshan recently revealed that work on Krrish 4 has begun, and you will hear something exciting about the film by the end of 2023. He also revealed that the film will be a suspenseful one in which Krrish is killed during the film and Jaadu returns to save Krrish again, but this time Jaadu is killed in the movie.

Fighter, Pathan and War 2 poster

But before Krrish 4 Hrithik next movie is “Fighter” which is said to be more valuable than Pathan movie by the public, because the director of the both films is one man Sidharth Aanand so Fighter will be a worth watching movie. After this “War 2” is schedule to come in which “Jr. NTR” will face Hrithik. This will show the YRF chapter to the audience.


Hrithik Roshan recently revealed his role in the movie Fighter as;

“It’s very interesting because ‘Patty’ is a little younger than what ‘Kabir’ was. Kabir is much more evolved and composed, but Patty is young, strong and spontaneous and angry at things which I personally won’t be angry at. Its an interesting space for me because I remember being like that at one point of my life. Now, I have to play this character keeping my level of evolution aside.”


In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama Hrithik Roshan revealed that;

Hrithik Roshan interview on krrish 4

” Yeas me too desperately waiting for Krrish 4, I am not going to do it if we cant achieve what we want to achieve, I am gonna make sure that there should be a certainty that we have to match a certain level now, if thats not going to happen then I rather not make the film but we are ready. we are good to go, the script is ready and my dad Rakesh is doing really well on making Krrish 4″


Krrish 4 Director

Krissh 4 director is not yet surely confirmed as Hrithik Roshan recently told his audience that he want an Hollywood director for his next Krrish sequel. Sidhart Anand stated that he will take time to make the movie because this will be a high budgeted movie and we will make no mistakes in it. 

Hence it is not confirmed yet that the film will be directed by the combination of Rakesh Roshan and Sidhart Anand or Hrithik will chose a Hollywood director. we will update soon as we got the right information.


Jadoo Returns in Krrish 4

However, Hrithik Roshan confirmed that the next installment of Krrish is in the works and fans will get an update by the end of this year 2023. (zoom)

” I think we should all get together and send out a little prayer. Every thing is set but we are stuck on one little technicality. Hopefuly we will cover that by the year end. Krrish 4 is definetly in the pipeline and it will happen real soon.”


During this talking Hrithik Roshan addresses a rumor on the plot of Krrish 4 and said;

jadoo in krrish 4 dies

“Krrish looses… Jadoo dies. Its a tough one, tricky too.”


Krrish 4 Movie Script

Krrish 4 movie script is almost finished. The story of Krrish 4 is being made appealing on some level, and the makers of Krrish 4 are injecting some style into the film that has not been seen in Hollywood films till date. The film will be produced on a global scale and distributed worldwide, not just in India.


Krrish 4 Plot Stated By Hrithik Roshan

In the last episode of Krrish 3, Hrithik Roshan was saved by his father to save the world, but now the situation is more critical and dangerous. As a result, Hrithik Roshan said that in Krrish 4, there will be more action than Hollywood. Jadoo will be back to save the superhero, but this time we will lose Jadoo for good reason, and Hrithik Roshan will be seen showing off his super action with Jadoo’s more supernatural powers in the film.


Let us know in the comments whether this sequel to the Krrish franchise will be a hit or a flop in 2024. Type whatever that comes to your mind after hearing the name of Krrish.


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