Extraction 2 (2023): Free Download Guide Full HD Movie

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Extraction 2 posterExtraction 2: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery

Release Date: 16 June 2023

Run Time: 120 Minutes

Budget: $65 Million Approx.

  • Rated: R (Language|Strong/Bloody Violence)


In the EXTRACTION 2 sequel to the popular action movie EXTRACTION from Netflix, Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as Tyler Rake. Rake, the Australian black operations mercenary who barely made it through the events of the first film, is back and assigned a new, dangerous mission: rescuing the wounded family of a brutal Georgian mobster from the jail where they are being imprisoned.


How to Download Extraction 2 (2023) Movie Full guide


Extraction 2 (2023) is available at The Pirates Bay Website. You have to follow the below steps to download the movie

1.First step is to Download uTorrent:

Go to Google and type “download uTorrent” or click the following link to start a torrent download.

(Note: You can also download BitTorent web free version if uTorrent doesn’t work at your region)




uTorrent download


  • Once the file has been downloaded, install it on your computer by clicking the file at the left bottom:

uTorrent download

2. Next, open Google and perform a search for “The Pirates Bay.” The results will appear as follows:


Extraction 2 (2023) download


If you are unable to find the site, then click here to go for The pirates Bay


Now that you have entered your desired movie’s name into the search box area, for example, “Extraction 2” checked the video option, and clicked “pirate search,” you will see the screen shown below:

  • Click on the movie name which has more seeder numbers

Extraction 2 download


  • Next, select the (Get this torrent) button.

Extraction 2 download


  • After that, select (Open uTorrent).

Extraction 2 (2023) full movie download


  • Next, choose the download place you want for the movie, and then click “ok.”

how to download movies


Finally, your download will be in the torrent queue.

  • Since the download is ongoing, you can minimize or close uTorrent and continue working on other tasks.


Extraction 2 (2023)download


Reduce Uploading Speed

By selecting the movie queue with the right click, selecting Bandwidth Allocation, selecting Set Upload Limit, and manually lowering the upload limit until it hits 1 kb/s, you may reduce the pace at which your movie uploads. By cutting the uploading time, you may hasten the downloading process.


Extraction 2 a Hit or Flop Film?

In light of Extraction 1’s triumph in the year 2020, this movie anticipates that 2023 will be its sequel year. It predicts to be the successful movie for the upcoming year with a massive expected record at the box office in year 2023 due to the amount of searches for the movie and the waiting audience asking rumour queries about the picture.


What should you know before watching Extraction 2 Movie

This is the most tense action movie of 2023. The MPAA has given Extraction a rating of R due to its short drug usage, violent bloody violence, and profanity. Several kids are among the dozens of victims who were brutally shot to death. A youngster gets launched off a roof. People are beaten brutally.

extraction 2 action

So if you intend to watch it at home or at a nearby theatre, keep the little ones away from it since it contains a number of bloody killing scenes that, in some situations, are inappropriate for children or families.

This movie is the best option for action fans since it features a lot of action.


Extraction 2 Movie plot

The sequel to the movie will be written by producer Joe Russo, according to a May 2017 report from Deadline. Filming took place in Prague, and director Sam Hargrave posted a picture on Instagram indicating that Extraction 2 will adopt a more wintry aesthetic in contrast to the Middle Eastern setting of the original movie.


extraction II
By Koimoi.com


According to the movie’s official synopsis:

extraction 2 movie's official synopsis



Extraction 2 Movie Cast

Top Extraction Movie cast are:

Chris HemsworthasTyler Rake
Idris ElbaasThe Man in the Suit
Olga Kurylenko
Tinatin DalakishviliasKetevan
Goishifteh FarahaniasNik Khan
Daniel BernhardtasKonstantine
Tornike gogrichianiasZurab
Toko TabatadzeasMariam Radiani
George LashaasSergo


extraction 2 cast



Extraction 2 FAQ’s


  • Extraction 2 Film Location?

Chris Hemsworth had stated on his Instagram. Filming was initially supposed to start in Australia in September 2021, but it was moved to Prague, Czech Republic, later.


  • Extraction 3: Will it happen?

Chris Hemsworth is interested in returning for a third Extraction movie, though Netflix has not yet confirmed this. Tyler Rake’s fate after the first film’s events is still unknown, but Hemsworth said that Rake will probably still be alive but in a difficult situation in the sequel, Extraction 2.


  • Does Extraction succeed or fail?

With nearly 99 million views in the first four weeks, it became the most-watched original movie in Netflix history.


  • Why is the Extraction movie rated R?

The MPAA has given Extraction a rating of R due to its short drug usage, violent bloody violence, and profanity. Several kids are among the dozens of victims who were brutally shot to death. A youngster gets launched off a roof. People are beaten brutally.


  • Can children watch extraction?

Parents should be aware that Extraction contains a lot of violent violence, including gunfire, shooting, combat, and character deaths.


  • What is Chris Hemsworth’s net worth?

Chris Hemsworth’s estimated net worth is a staggering $130 million, making him one of the most successful actors in the world right now.


  • In the film Extraction, how many people does Tyler kill?

Rake kills a lot of evil guys throughout the course of his quest, but Netflix has now made the corpse count public and it is 183. Yes, in a matter of two hours, he actually kills that many people!


  • Will there be a theatrical release of Extraction?

Extraction 2 is not currently scheduled to be released in theatres by Netflix.


  • Who Is Making Extraction 2?

For Extraction 2, Hargrave will serve as the film’s director once more. Hargrave made his feature film directing debut with the first Extraction film.


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