Adipurush: 600 Crores Film, What Went Wrong?

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Adipurush posterAdipurush: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

Release Date: June 16 2023

Run Time: 3 Hours

Budget: ₹500 Crore Minimum

Rated: PG-13

Director: Om Raut


An adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana. Rama’s battle against the demon king Ravana.

Lord Vishnu’s avatar sets off on a mission to find his wife, who has been kidnapped by Ravana. Along the voyage, he is escorted by his dedicated monkey fighter Hanuman and his devoted brother Lakshmana. The tale has several adventures and hardships, culminating in a tremendous fight between Rama and Ravana.

How to Download Adipurush Full Movie FilmyZilla

Adipurush (2023) is available at the Pirates Bay website.. You have to follow few steps, as mentioned below to download the movie:

(Note: The complete movie, which is between 1.8 and 2.5 GB in size, may be downloaded in approximately 5 to 10 minutes if your internet speed is 1 mb/s.)

1. The first step is to download uTorrent.

Go to Google and type “download uTorrent” or click the following link to start a torrent download.

(Note: You can also download BitTorent web free version if uTorrent doesn’t work at your region)




uTorrent download


  • Once the file has been downloaded, install it on your computer by clicking the file at the left bottom:

uTorrent download

2. Next, open Google and perform a search for “The Pirates Bay.” The results will appear as follows:


Adipurush download


If you are unable to find the site, then click here to go for The pirates Bay


  • Now that you have entered your desired movie’s name into the search box area, for example, “Adipurush,” checked the video option, and clicked “pirate search,” you will see the screen shown below:

    • Click on the movie name that has more viewer numbers.

Adipurush Movie download


  • Next, select the (Get this torrent) button.

Adipurush Movie download


  • After that, select (Open uTorrent).

Adipurush download


  • Next, choose the download place you want for the movie, and then click “ok.”

how to download movies


Finally, your download will be in the torrent queue.

  • Since the download is ongoing, you can minimize or close uTorrent and continue working on other tasks.


Adipurush (2023)download


Reduce Uploading Speed

You may slow down the rate at which your movie uploads by right-clicking on the movie queue, choosing Bandwidth Allocation, choosing Set Upload Limit, and manually reducing the upload limit until it reaches 1 kb/s. You can speed up downloading by reducing the upload time.

The majority of people prefer to view movies online rather than download them, but they ignore the banner advertising that appear when watching a movie on a website or online platform.

Even if downloading the movie in the background will only take a few minutes, use that time to do your usual tasks. After downloading, you may watch the HD movie without having to deal with internet commercials.

(Note: Download the associated movie that has more seeders and is larger in size, even though you will obtain the finest resolution of the linked video.)


Things to Consider Before Watching Adipurush

The most thriller action film of 2023 is this one. Adipurush received a PG-13 classification for its brief, gory violence, action, and romance.

If you plan to watch Adipurush for first time then you have to know about the indights of the movie that Adipurush story belongs to adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana, and it is a battle theme film base on old story.

adipurush banner

If you like old battle love stories then Adipurush is the one. Adipurush is an Action, Adventure, Mystery, fantasy and romance film. You can watch this movie with your love or even with kids.


The popularity and enthusiasm of “Adipurush” among fans have grown significantly.

Because of its ambitious scope, impressive cast, and the success of director Om Raut’s last film, “Adipurush” has attracted a lot of interest and enthusiasm from fans. The film is projected to be a huge release in Indian cinema and is generating a lot of anticipation.


Adipurush Cast

All the top cast of Adipurush movie includes:

1Prabhas as Raghav
2Kiriti Sanon as Janoki
3Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh
4Devdutta Nage as Bajrang
5Sunny Singh as Shesh
6Vatsal Singh as Vatsel Seth
7Angad Bedi
8Kirishna Kotian as Dasharatha
9Shivangi sharma

adipurush cast


Adipurush Movie Makers



Adirpurush Movie Insights


The behemoth, directed by Om Raut and based on the Indian classic Ramayana, has a strong countrywide appeal and is likely to bring in crowds from all regions. According to a prominent film industry tracker, the picture made 3 crores before it was launched in theatres.

In a tweet, Manobala Vijayabalan shared an estimate of Adipurush’s advance booking box office revenue. He gave a larger number—1,50,000 complimentary tickets with an average cost of $200—some thought. Just Rs 3 crore more will be collected at the box office altogether. 3 crore is therefore not a huge thing for a movie with a 500 crore budget. This tactic is mostly employed to advertise the movie and encourage those in need to see it.


With Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan just achieved an unprecedented box office triumph. With 57 crores earned on the first day, the movie got off to a fantastic start in India. It entered the top 10 Indian openers of all time and is included at number 6 on the list. Now, Prabhas’ forthcoming movie will serve as yet another significant opening.

Although, Adipurush is on track to surpass Thalapathy Vijay’s Beast (49.30 crores), even with the lowest expectations. After completing this goal, the movie will rank among the top 10 Indian openings of all time. By the conclusion of its first day, the Prabhas starrer may outperform other flicks if word-of-mouth results in being favourable.


Regarding the nationwide successes, Adipurush has already sold nearly 1.7 lakh tickets in only three chains for the weekend, while Hyderabad, Prabhas’ stronghold, is still closed. The advancements are likely to continue to rise in the remaining three days, after which it will all depend on how the movie is received by viewers when it opens on June 16th, 2023.


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